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Lecchi in Chianti

Lecchi in Chianti is an old medieval village at the base of hill on which stands the castle of Monteluco in Lecchi, nearby the river Massellane. The town developed along the main road that goes up from the valley of Massellane up to Ama and keeps the typical character of its streets and buildings. It's a place of peace and beauty and it's ideal to begin exploring the Chianti Classico. A few hundred yards from us you can swim at the famous "Pozze di Lecchi".




Gaiole in Chianti

Gaiole in Chianti - A few kilometers from Lecchi, there is the first town of Chianti, Gaiole. The shape of Gaiole in Chianti clearly reveals its source as a former market place. The town was originally developed along the road that links the Chianti and the Valdarno in the place chosen for the public market , shape that you can see in today's main square. The main square is triangular-shaped and along its sides there are several 19th century palaces.Many are the famous churches, like the Abbey of Coltibuono and the Parish of St. Mary at Spaltenna.




Radda in Chianti

Radda in Chianti - The old town has an urban structure that consists of a main street, on which there is a small square with the "Palazzo del Podestà" and the parish church, and from where other minor roads leave to form a ring. Due to the fact that the urban plan of Radda has not been changed over the centuries its civilian houses have maintained the medieval structures that have been brought to light only after the restoration carried out in the late twentieth century.To visit: the ancient walls, the "Palazzo del Podestà" and the Grand Duke's Icehouse. In Radda is located the Museum of Sacred Art of Chianti.




Castelli del Chianti

Strada dei Castelli del Chianti - In our area, there is the famous Route of the Castles of Chianti. So many are the castles of this area, almost all in perfect condition. Tornano, Cacchiano, Meleto, Spaltenna, Vistarenni, Brolio are among the most famous castles which are worth a visit. For multilingual information on the itineraries of the castles of the Chianti region, you can visit the website with the various routes of the Castles of Chianti here.




Vino Chianti

The Chianti Classico wine area - of course our area is world famous for its wine production. There are around here many wineries and wine shops where you can taste and buy one of the world's best known wine, Chianti.


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Our facility offers the opportunity to taste our local products including wine, vin santo, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar and to enjoy our beautiful green garden outside (with deck chairs) always ideal to relax in complete privacy.

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From the road of the castles of Chianti to the various hamlets and churches scattered in the surrounding area: our land not only produces wine and olive oil, but it is also rich in many natural beauties to explore on foot, by bike or on horseback.
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